Be All – End All Tax Attorney Blog!

Blogs have become a vital source for current information and the exchange of critical thought on many topics. The practice of law is no exception.

Therefore, a new Blog has been created to provide educational information on tax attorney topics. This Blog will contain articles, case summaries, tax news and “everything” that is related to tax lawyers. Visitors can post comments on the information on the site or start a linked commentary on the tax attorney subjects of their choice. This site is destined to become the “go-to” site for tax lawyer information.

When formed, the Blog initially contained the following articles:

Don’t Get Sued!!! Does a Taxpayer Representative have a Duty to Prevent a Client from Disclosing Incriminating Information? This article reviews the recent changes to IRS practice rules that could casue CPAs and Enrolled Agents to be sued for failing to protect or prevent their client from providing potentially incriminating information to them. The article discussed the problem and provides easy, common sense solutions to protect the non-attorney tax practitioner. A must read for all CPAs and Enrolled Agents.

Cover Your Assets!!! This short article provides a primer on Asset Protection. It covers the need for asset protection, and some tax and non-tax traps to avoid in designing your plan. If you have wealth, you need to protect it and this article is a good place to start.

The Blog also as a keyword archive related to tax topics. Currently several hundred keyword suggestions are listed in the Blog. Visitors can add their favorites to the list and hopefully this will become the consummate keyword list for all things tax!.

Articles and news clips can also be submitted by visitors for inclusion in this Blog.

Those individuals interested in advertising to tax attorneys or people visiting the site can do so through Google adsense. The site places Google ads at the top of the page and there is a link to add the Blog to your list of sites currently in your Google CPM campaigns.

Any comments on the content or operation fo the Blog are welcome. This is a new venture for the webmasters of this Blog and all input is welcome.

You can use the content of this Blog via the RSS feed found at

Check this out now. Bookmark the site and visit often. Don’t be a stranger and don’t be afraid to contribute your articles, comments, and opinions. But most of all, sit back, read and enjoy!

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This Article is provided by the Law Offices of David Jacquot, JD, LLM (Tax) PA. This firm is the webmaster for the Tax Attorney Blog found at http://www/ and the 4TAXHERO Web Site found at [] .

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Why You As An Attorney Should Have A Website

Today, most of the population researches everything they need to know, online.

Many of your fellow attorneys have a website and are therefore reachable and researchable. Some attorneys are looking into having a website created to gain additional clients, while others are looking to have a portfolio type website. Either case, it is imperative to have an online presence, so that people can easily view your:

Field Expertise
Your legal experience
Possibly your education
and any other pertinent back ground information

How will people find your website

Now that you have a website, how will people find it?

Simply having a website viewable online is not good enough if nobody can find it.!

The only way people can find your website initially is if the know your complete web address (i.e.

What about the people that dont know about you or your web address? Those people have to trust the results from search engines when they query a search for a specific keyword ot phrase, such as “Criminal Attorney in Anaheim). If you are a criminal attorney practicing out of Anaheim, wouldn’t it be nice to be one of the top ten websites listed in the results?

That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine submission comes into play. Learn the basics of SEO

The design of a website is just the first step of your online presence.

Let us create what is needed to make your website successful such as meta tags, page optimization, and submissions to both search engines and directories.

Learn about Blogs for Attorneys

One the internet today, blogging has become more and more popular. Many attorneys have started to write “blog’s” on their own web sites, informing potential clients of recent cases or presenting other useful information. Many attorneys post articles on their blog’s to attract visitors to their web sites. Because of the ability of blogs to generate a large amount of keyword-rich text on a variety of topics, blogging allows attorneys to expand their web presence, increase their internet marketing range, and reach out to more potential clients–something most attorneys are looking for.

What is a Blog for Attorneys?

A blog is simply an online list of articles. Blogs are used for a variety of purposes. Lawyers have started to use blogs mainly to post information that could be useful to clients. With our blogging system, attorneys can log in to an online control panel where attorney blogs can be written, edited, and submitted. These blogs appear immediately on the attorney’s web site. There is no third party involved–once a attorney writes a blog article, it is immediately available for viewing by the public.

How does it work?

Search engines, for a variety of reasons, are more likely to index web sites that have dynamic content. If your web site has looked the same for the past year, then chances are your information is old and outdated. By implementing a attorney blog, you can keep your site’s content fresh and updated. This is valuable for visitors and internet marketing alike. Provide useful information for your clients, and you will be surprised at how your internet presence grows.

Since 2000, Vision 4 Dezign has been developing unique, creative, and professional website designs. We now ventured out to cater to Attorneys and their marketing needs. We understand that each law firm has different needs for an internet presence. Some may need the exposure to market their firm, while others might be looking for an online presence to simply be visible to the public and professional audience to showcase their field of expertise along with experience and other information.

The focus of a law firm web site is to market your firm to potential new clients, provide updated information to current clients, and recruit new attorneys if desired. The corporate identity, theme, and logo created via the Web Design for Attorneys will be utilized in all of your marketing efforts to effectively “brand” your firm while increasing recognition. Visit us at []

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Truck Accident Attorney: Read Their Blogs Before You Choose

If you are considering hiring a truck accident attorney, you should check out the website of the one you are thinking of. More specifically, you should try to read the blog if there is one. Find out why this may be helpful before you start your case.

The main thing a blog will tell you is whether the truck accident attorney you are checking out keeps the site updated regularly. Daily or weekly blogs can show that the lawyer and his or her staff are constantly improving the website, and want people to read it. This can carry over to the firm in general. You want to hire a lawyer who is always interested in improving the firm in some way, whether that is through regular blogs or surveys given to clients to find out what would help. Either way, you know the firm is on its way to being even better, which is great news, even if you already like what you see.

Blogs can also give you an idea of the types of accidents the lawyer deals with. You can compare your crash to the ones that are blogged about on the website, if any general information about other cases is offered. If yours seems much less severe than the ones discussed, you can likely rest assured that yours is not the worst one the truck accident attorney has seen. This may mean that you are dealing with a very experienced firm that can get you a great result due to the expertise with all types of cases. Of course, if your case seems to be similar to the ones blogged about, you can also assume that yours will be represented since the firm is used to such cases.

Finally, reading an updated blog about accidents involving trucks can educate you so you know what to expect. For example, if the truck accident attorney blogs about recent cases that he or she has either represented or just heard about, knowing some details will inform you about what frequently happens with accidents that involve trucks. This can let you feel more prepared for your case.

If you are not yet sure which truck accident attorney to hire, you might consider looking for a blog. Not all lawyers have one, and many do not update theirs regularly if they do have one. This can help you narrow down your options, provided that having updated information at your fingertips is important to you.

A truck accident attorney Atlanta can help you after a collision. Find out how at

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Lawyer WordPress Themes – How To Choose A WordPress Theme For Attorney Websites

I’m an advocate for small business owners, including attorneys and law firms, building multiple websites. This is why I love WordPress so much – it’s free (after you pay for hosting which is a nominal cost), simple, and fast to set up new websites.

However, not any WordPress theme is perfect for an attorney website. Lawyer websites must be professional-looking. In my view investing in a premium WordPress theme for an attorney website (or websites) is a good idea.

I like and recommend a large slider or slideshow feature located at the top of the home page. Usually this function is split into two parts – one for some text or navigation buttons – and the other displaying a large image or images.

Essence theme by iThemes is a theme with one of the nicest sliders I’ve seen.

I know for my offline business, when I switched my WordPress website to one using a very nice slide show, my conversion rates (percentage of website visitors who contacted me) more than doubled.

What if your next attorney website is your second or third or more websites?

This is just my opinion, but I would create more of a blog-style site for subsequent attorney websites. The reason I say this is you don’t want to confuse your clients and prospective clients with a bunch of different looking websites on numerous domains (unless each website targets a different clientele with a different practice area). I also wouldn’t use the exact same layout on numerous domains because it could be construed as mirror sites with Google, and possibly confuse your clients and prospective clients.

A blog style site is designed to inform. From your attorney blog sites, you can link to your main attorney website (whether in WordPress or not).

A great blog style theme is any type of magazine style theme. News or Magazine by StudioPress fits the bill nicely.

I know the news-concept might seem weird for an attorney website, but think about how you could create a newspaper or magazine blog for your firm. You could have all kinds of topics such as caselaw, events, news about your firm, etc. You can get creative, publish tons of content (which is great for search engine rankings), and have some fun publishing an attorney news site.

Let me recap about your attorney WordPress theme selection strategy:

If you’re building your first attorney firm website in WordPress, get a theme that has a traditional static home page – preferably one with a slider or slideshow at the top. If you’re building additional websites for your law firm, then go for a news-style or even a personal blog style theme.

Why build more than one attorney website in the first place?

Maybe you’re wondering why I would suggest building more than one website for your firm. Especially when your flagship site likely has a blog function to it already where you can publish as much content as you wish.

The reason for more than one attorney website is simple: with another site on a new domain, you can capture a lot more traffic in the long run. How? The keyword you use in your domain will have a good chance of ranking very well in the search engines. Therefore, the more websites with new domain names, the more keywords you can rank well with.

But, you can’t just go and build websites in any old way – and you especially don’t want to publish a bunch of copy-cat sites or mirror sites. You must build your fleet of sites in a particular method. I’ve actually experimented a lot (for over 1 year and with dozens of websites) using WordPress to build multiple websites for a small localized business (not unlike a law firm). After working out the kinks, the traffic for my small business is incredible – and that’s largely due to multiple websites with carefully selected domain names.

Another reason for building more than one website for your law firm is it’s very easy to build links with other lawyer websites you don’t compete with (i.e. in other cities and states/provinces).

If you have one website, the best you can offer is a reciprocal link exchange. Reciprocal linking isn’t that effective (it works, but you can do better). A better strategy is if you have 2 unique sites, you can link one site with your linking partner. Then your linking partner can link to your other site (the site you don’t link to your linking partner). This way every site receives a one-way link.

About choosing a domain name
Once you have a domain for your firm name, choose generic domain names such as or (of course finding ones available is another matter). The reasons for doing this are twofold:

You create an asset you can sell to any firm in the same practice area; and
You gain a search engine ranking advantage for the keyword(s) in the domain name.

I mentioned a few themes in this article. To see screenshots of these themes and other great lawyer WordPress themes, check out this Attorney WordPress themes article [].

Then, compare dozens of WordPress themes in this huge WordPress theme comparison chart [].

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